I also drink vats of Sriracha, and have to be …

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I also drink vats of Sriracha, and have to be held back from eating my weight in strawberry rhubarb jam. I do disagree about the ketchup and mayo though: those are Satan’s condiments, and should be exiled to a place to never be seen again.

In my condiment pantheon, we worship Magi seasoning. It’s one of these things that only German/Dutch people (and a few Asian nations) seem to get. We add it in lieu of salt to gravy, soup etc. I have to smack my husband on the hand on soup nights, because he’ll keep dumping the brown stuff into the bowl until the sodium content is near that of a salt lick. Have you ever met Magi?

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25 Condiments We Can’t Live Without
I agree about the Claussen pickles. They are the best readily available commercial pickles, and I gladly pay extra for them. I love them so much, in fact, that I used to tape photos of them in my locker for decoration in high school. Not kidding.

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Thank you, Jillian. This will be on my table tomorrow, and I will have to refrain from drinking it through a straw. Noisily.

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I am drooling over this right now – the addition of chips makes it sound absolutely perfect. Iceberg lettuce is an abomination and barely qualifies as a vegetable anyway. Sadly, out here on the prairie, lobster is $15 for a 10 oz tail at the fishmonger, so I won’t be eating this any time in the future. I shall lick the screen instead.

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I have been suggesting that KFC sell “Bucket O’Skins” for years now. I know that this is the ONLY reason I buy KFC – to eat the deep fried, seasoned hides of the tasty clucky bastards. Nom.

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Were I a Canadian, and deprived of Poblano Peppers by virtue of geography and lousy selection, what could I reasonably substitute? I’m trying hard not to maul the screen, because that looks mighty fine.

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