I like your blog, usually. But really, why do …

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I like your blog, usually. But really, why do you have to go the fat kid route? I was a fat kid, and it sucked. I was mocked and bullied. And I didn’t eat any more frosting than you did, I assure you. In fact, we weren’t allowed frosting because I was a fat kid. Sometimes life just kicks you in the ass. Yeah, I know, everyone is going to think I am overreacting. Just a joke. But to me, it’s akin to saying “like a black kid eating watermelon.” That’s how crappy it feels.

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25 Condiments We Can’t Live Without
You could have just said kid eating frosting. Not just fat kids eat frosting. Or if you wanted to turn a clever phrase, I bet you could have come up with another. Do you know that weight discrimination is more prevalent than race discrimination at this current time? So I don’t think I went too far. And you can’t deny how embarrassing something is to someone else. I appreciate that you can’t have every other person’s feelings in mind when you write your own blog. We all have our own sensitivities. But, whether you like it or not, that is how it read to me. Stand on principle or accept that your clever phrase was offensive to at least one person. I see you are already getting defenders. That’s cool. As long as your feelings aren’t hurt, I guess it doesn’t matter if mine are. And I guess you had an easier time of it being a fat kid than I did.

You, and others, may think I am making too much of this. I don’t. And frankly, I had no intention of getting into a debate about social sensitivities from reading about 25 condiments, but it happened. What would have been cool, rather than defending your clever phrase, is if you said “I hadn’t thought of that, thanks for letting me know.” That would have been the end of it.

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