Wow, so much angst over an innocent comment. I read …

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Wow, so much angst over an innocent comment. I read the comments section first (more on why in a second) so when I saw GUFK’s comments, I was expecting to scroll up to see that you had advocated sending us fatties to prison camps or something.

As a former fat kid (and current fat adult), let me assure you that I wasn’t the least bit offended. And I enjoy frosting.

Anyway, the reason why I immediately scrolled down to the comments section after seeing the banner image was because I wanted to ask if you really keep all of those condiments in your fridge, or if it was just for the sake of the photo? I ask because I’ve been told that with a lot of the various hot sauces, unless specifically instructed to store them in the fridge, you’re not supposed to. Something to do with the cold temp taking away the heat from the sauce itself? I dunno… its probably complete hogwash, but I thought I’d ask.

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How to Make Pulled Pork
Very nice entry, Malcolm. As the recent recipient of a $250 Amazon gift card (for participating in an Adobe survey), I’ve been thinking of treating myself to a smoker (though the “feminine” part of me—the part that would get the crap kicked out of him if his friends ever found out that he was admitting to this—is also considering a stand mixer).

In either case, I’d be interested to know what model your Brinkmann smoker is and how you like it.

And let’s keep that stuff about the stand mixer on the DL, okay?

Thomas Keller’s “Late Night BLT with Fried Egg and Cheese”
PS: Not sure if you had moved to Portland yet, but a year or two ago there was a film series devoted to movies that are more or less about food — “Big Night,” “Babette’s Feast,” etc… Unfortunately, I missed much of the series. I’m hoping that one of these days there will be a “sequel” to this event. Maybe if they don’t feel there is another batch of worthy films, they could do a mini event where they tackle some iconic food-related scenes from various productions. Your BLT scene would qualify, I think. And the recent HBO mini-series adaptation of “Mildred Pierce” had some great food moments as well.

Thomas Keller’s “Late Night BLT with Fried Egg and Cheese”
I love that scene! And yet, I haven’t seen it in maybe four years, and if you would have asked me what sandwich he made, I would have told you that it was something altogether different. Funny how our minds play tricks on us in this way.

Your photos look great. I’m picking up bacon tomorrow for a weekend batch of Alcatra (the best part of Bourdain’s recent visit to South Boston). Will definitely pick up some extra so I can try to replicate this!

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