RE #4: Ate at a Ponderosa steakhouse in Herkimer New …

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RE #4: Ate at a Ponderosa steakhouse in Herkimer New York. If they had one in Connectthedots I would be a regular. Twelve bucks for a nice ribeye and I think $7 for the buffet.

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Trenton Tomato Pie
In Santa Cruz there was one good pizza joint with a single flaw: they put the sauce on top of the cheese. Aaargh! I tried to get them to put the cheese on top and the surfer behind the counter said “so you want a really messy pizza?”. Yes I said. They wouldn’t do it.

So now I know this is a legitimate East Coast tradition. Huh. Maybe the owner of Pizza My Heart is from Trenton.

How to Make Pulled Pork

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