Did you know you World Harbor Jerk marinade was made …

Comment on 25 Condiments We Can’t Live Without by Jonathan Holmes.

Did you know you World Harbor Jerk marinade was made by a company in Maine? For an awesome alternative, buy a jar of Grace Jerk Seasoning from Mitheap in Portland. It’s the real deal from Jamaica.

I spent a week in Guadalajara this winter and brought back some bottles of PORKI hot sauce. It is made in GDL and doesn’t seem to be sold outside of Jalisco. It has a more developed flavor than most hot sauces. The local arbor chile, clove and garlic flavors come together to make my new favorite hot sauce.

I am already thinking about hiding it when friends come over to make it last!

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“American Style” Ground Beef Tacos
Where I grew up you could add canned black olives if you wanted to “class up” your taco. The height of mid-eighties suburban ethnic cuisine these tacos will always remind me of my own mother.

Detroit-Style Coney Island Hot Dogs
Coney Loose Burger, there really is so much in a name!

Clayton’s Cafe Famous Chicken Salad Copycat (Mock Sous Vide Method)
Glad to see that you “mocked” sous vide a little bit. I get it, but I don’t. I just don’t feel the love in some of those techniques. And for those of you that can’t afford a fancy dinner out, don’t despair all the deli meat you eat is cooked sous-vide. Anyway you guys are killing it, keep it up!

Garlicky Broccoli Rabe & Roasted Pork Sandwich
I think your food stream may have entered my subconscious. I had a sandwich last night made on a baguette with blackbeans, canadian bacon and topped with kale cooked in salsa verde. Thanks for the jumping off point. FYI Six River Farm has had some real nice looking Broccoli Rabe at the Farmers Market.

Nashville Hot Chicken
I bet using rendered chicken fat and chipolte paste for the sauce would be great too! I’m thinking about firing up the deep fryer and getting busy. Pretty standard Jewish – Mexican Soul Food.

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