Thanks–I have pondered these for easy meals or nights when …

Comment on A Comparison of Actual “Banquet” Frozen Dinners with their Box Cover Photographs by Comet.

Thanks–I have pondered these for easy meals or nights when I just cannot stay up til hubs gets home at 1 AM or later. As I have a handicap I am not able to always stand n stir and cook myself either. But–somehow—I just cannot bring myself to actually BUY them.

OH I do buy frozen–Stouffers has a few he likes and the Pot Pies are very good—and the Michealangelos (I think?) Chicken Picatta is actually GOOD. A bit spendy but way better than some we have tried. We are lucky that the cost is not a major deal here. I DO think tho if I was a student or starting out–or as they say–IN THIS economy!!!—I would try and figure out the best tasting Banquet for the savings.

The Stouffers Stuffed peppers–I can’t even stand the smell of peppers so he is happy when these show up on the “menu”! The mac n cheese is OK also and you can add this to another “meal” and have it be more complete. My son LOVES the French Bread Pizza. The meatloaf–again something I can’t stand altho if i have the time and the energy I do make this from scratch–they do seem to like this one! The giant lasagna is actually good but we do add extra mozz and other cheeses.

Sooo—I dunno if I would still choose to buy these. But I DO admire someone who did this FOR US in the name of SCIENCE.

And ya know you didn’t DIE sooooo——

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How to Make Smoked Beef Brisket
Never thought I would live in a part of the workd where the ONLY “briskets” come in a vac bag with a lil pack of “Corned beef seasonings”–but for the past 30+ years I have done just that. Don’t ask. Where I grew up in NJ a brisket WAS whats for dinner–just NOT smoked! IT was Jewish Soul Food and made with Liptons Onion Soup Mix slathered on top; sprinkled with water and coated in a house siding’s worth of aluminum foil. And cooked for hours. And then some more hours! That said-=-it makes its very own yummy gravy and is best served with Kasha–another Jewish thing. And it is GOOD.

FFWD to now and I have learned that there are OTHER ways to cook it. And not with fake liquid “smoke” either! You cannot however find a brisket for love nor money. Yes SOME Walmarts carry it but they are–not exactly. I dunno if they are “injected” or what but they just don’t cook right. And local “Butchers” will order it–but at a very premium price. You would think that now I live in Cow Country they would have some place to ya know BUY this stuff but the few private meat vendors are also extremely spendy and some are–not so good.

So we are very happy that there are now a few good Q places here in the Frozen North. Will have to do until either we decide to go to NJ and INVEST in a brisket lug it home and make a smoker! Or as is the plan–move South! LOL!!!!!

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