This is way too funny, and sorry I did not …

Comment on A Comparison of Actual “Banquet” Frozen Dinners with their Box Cover Photographs by ducklucky1.

This is way too funny, and sorry I did not find it sooner. Great comments and great experiment. I do agree that the original TV dinners back in the 50s and 60s were much better quality and a lot more of it in the tray, and we did actually give Mom that night off from cooking and put up the flimsy TV trays and watch a movie together as a family. We usually saved those nights when King Kong or something like that was the 4PM show. Dad of course hated them as he worked hard outdoors all day and liked a homemade hot meal, but he endured, especially when it was Swanson fried chicken, which he loved back then, all that good greasy stuff…was never enough to fill him up tho, but always something left from we 5 kids for him to scarf up.

I found your blog as I was looking for a way to doctor up Banquet fried chicken, will make my own veggie sides, but couldn’t find much other than sauces, spicy or whatever. Think I will just make some chicken milk gravy.

My hub LOVES, LOVES, LOVES frozen dinners, altho for health reasons he should not be eating them often, once in a while a treat for him. He ADORED cafeteria food at his schools, as his mother was a horrible cook, canned Brussels or cold canned baked beans, canned hams, etc. She worked at the local supermarket as a cashier, so she got a discount, and then of course access to the dented can barrel. She tried to heat things up, but somehow they were always only half heated, before the days of microwaves.

So he appreciated that terrible cafeteria food, the shephard’s pie was his absolute favorite, with all the canned vegetables in there and potato flake mashed topping. He looked forward to getting a hot meal at lunchtime, and talks about it all the time, how so very good it all was…yech!!! The best day was cheesesteak day with those pressed minute steaks for us, and you were only allowed to have one. The rest of the slop they dumped on your tray came out of those big cans. The ladies who worked behind the line were the best part of the whole deal, with their hairnets and red lipstick, rolled down knee high stocking, and their brutal personalities.

But guess my hub must have been a cute kid, he says they all loved him and always gave him extra helpings. Which could very well explain his health issues and weight problem 50 years later, who knows what they put in that stuff to make it taste like SOMETHING. Did they use MSG back then, you know they sneak it into frozen dinners even today, but call it other things. Everyone should take a peak at what names they put it under, you will be amazed when you read the ingredients and see what you are really eating!!!

But thanks for the blog, great idea, and isn’t it nice that after a few years, it’s still up and running! Good luck with it. Off to at least make homemade chicken milk gravy!

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