Not all of us have the money or access to …

Comment on A Comparison of Actual “Banquet” Frozen Dinners with their Box Cover Photographs by Em.

Not all of us have the money or access to fresh produce to cook fresh meals every day.
Soups and stews, dahl and curries can all be cooked, frozen and then reheated with minimal loss of quality to taste &/or texture- heat the meal slowly to a gentle simmer and the food tastes wonderful (rather than blasting it with a microwave). Throw some freshly steamed veggies (if you have some) on the side and you have a satisfying, healthy, delicious meal.
TBQH your tone comes across as a wee bit snobby… it might be beneficial for you to really think about just how lucky you are that you have the privilege, time and money to provide for your loved ones the way you do (and perhaps have more empathy for those of us who don’t share that privilege).

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