The Fish Filet is the ONLY thing I’ll eat from …

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The Fish Filet is the ONLY thing I’ll eat from McDonald’s – HOWEVER – I can promise you, down here in the South, you are NOT EVER going to buy these fish sandwiches 2/$3.33. They NEVER run a special on them not even during Lent. We pay $3.69 – $3.89 for EACH fish sandwich depending on the location. Sure wish they would pass that Northern price down our way. While I don’t care much for lettuce on my fish, I prefer onion & tarter sauce…. the piece of cheese McDonald’s puts on the sandwiches is a joke – about 1/3 of a slice of cheese (not half) for which they charge about $1.00 extra. My opinion is McDonald’s taste okay – but it is not the best fish sandwich in the South OR the best value/price for my money. Arbey’s has them beat.

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A Comparison of Fast Food Fried Fish Sandwiches
I was checking this website/review out because my husband keeps telling me & everyone else, that he saw
on the History Channel that the absolutely WORST and most UNHEALTHY fast food sandwich you could eat is the McDonald’s Fish Sandwich. I beg to differ w/him but he stands his ground on the fact that the information came from the History Channel so it has to be correct.. I do find that the nutritional information varies on this sandwich from 360 – 470 calories. How can there be that much variation from one website of nutritional information to the other????? Sodium content is also a big variable from 540 – 750.

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