A couple of years ago I went to dubai and …

Comment on A Comparison of Fast Food Fried Fish Sandwiches by Adil.

A couple of years ago I went to dubai and walked into a KFC and tried the Fish Zinger which they had. Up until that point the Fillet O Fish from McDonalds was my favourite fish burger having previously also tried the Burger King Oceana burger (which was not very good) as those are the only 2 fish burgers availabe in the UK via the fast food chains discussed above. Anyways one bite of the Fish Zinger from KFC and it in my opionion just blew the Fillet O Fish of McDonalds out of the water. I had found a new favourite fish burger except annoyingly they don’t sell it in UK KFC’s :o(

For me the tartar sauce used by McDonalds is what makes the burger really special and I didnt think i’d eat a better fish burger than the Fish Fillet but the spicy coating used in the KFC fish Zinger I think jsut pushes it over the top. The coating is so tasty I think i prefer it to the tartar sauce in the Fillet O Fish of McDonlds. What would happen if you mated the Fish Zinger with McDonalds Tartar sauce? A pipe dream for now…… lol

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