While I was eating a Jose old chimichanga, I …

Comment on A Comparative Analysis of 13 Sketchy Frozen Burritos by angela murrell.

While I was eating a Jose old chimichanga, I felt the need to Google them, to see if they were terrible for me since it was about the 4th burrito I had in 24 hours… and that’s all I had to eat. Well I wound up here, which may not have yielded the results i was looking for, but fortunately i now know i am not alone in my obsession. This burrito is hands down the best. Where i live in California they cost about 1.00, but if you’re willing to get them from Costco, which i secretly think Jose makes their 18 pack of chimichangas for them, then you can get them for about 66 cents. I find these burritos are best eaten with tapatio, which has the perfect blend of spice and flavor. Beware. You might eat these too often. In the last 2 months I have probably eaten 50. I eat other things like cereal, yogurt, broccoli so i wont die any time soon, still i think they are probably horrible for me, along with the can of Pepsi throwback i down with them every time.

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