Yep, you are a new dad. This could be used …

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Yep, you are a new dad. This could be used as a pregnancy test for men.

Also how did you get white chocolate so white? The only ones I’ve ever found always look sort of buttery. Have I been buying artificially colored white chocolate all my life?

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Nutella Bundt Cake
The Nutella recipe changes subtly from country to country. I recommend Nutella from Italy, allegedly available in stores specializing in foreign products.

Spicy Haddock Fish Cakes
Even in the short 16 years I’ve been in Maine, I’ve noticed a clear warming trend.

And now the maximum phase of the sun’s 11-year cycle is expected to peak in 2013.

Better buy an air conditioner and look for recipes which require minimum or no heat to prepare.

Brown Butter and Bacon Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
I just found a very long way to say noble warriors.

But seriously: Adventure Time!

Brown Butter and Bacon Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
The Power Puff Girls as a whole, but especially Bubbles, is a modern version of the Gilgamesh archetype.

Also they kind of jumped the shark towards the end, as I think Tartakovsky and/or McCracken spent less time on them.

Anyway, with a growing family you need to make wise investments. Like a valuable comic book collection:

Swordfish Puttanesca
I’m not so much bothered by the ethical concerns about swordfish. The mercury it contains on the other hand does concern me.

As mercury concentration increases as you go up to food chain, swordfish sitting near the very top of it have quite a bit of mercury.

I’ve heard things like each ounce has the equivalent of what was dissolved in 6 million liters of sea water. Not sure how true that is.

But I know several sushi lovers like me, who have been shocked to find out they officially have enough mercury in their bodies to qualify as mercury poisoned.

New parents, infant brain development, etc.

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