Just have to tell you proudly that my uncle is …

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Just have to tell you proudly that my uncle is one of those “dedicated dining room attendants” here in Oklahoma and he just loves his job. So many people have said they love the sandwiches, but sometimes come just to see him and talk with him. He is funny, witty, a real jokester, and great with kids and just makes the overall dining experience such a joy. He has worked for them for a number of years and has done such a great job that the owner, (who my uncle says is genuinely a wonderful person totally dedicated to his customers) has commended him on his delightful way with people and the great job he has done. I also know that the owner told him that both my uncle and aunt will always eat free in his restaurants for the rest of their lives. Sounds like a great company to work for, eh?

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Malcolm…I am so with you on the tomato soup and grilled cheese combo!! And the thought of a slice as thick as I want…well that’s Heaven! Gotta share this recipe with my daughter as well. Thanks.

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Yep…I’m for the Clamato (no need for the celery salt) and substituting horseradish in place of the jalapenos and lime instead of lemon…everything else stays the same. My friend, Jan, got me hooked on these in Yucatan, Malcolm 😉

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Nice job, Jillian. Beautiful skin on the bird. Hope that “Beautiful Violet” is doing well and I know she is surely bringing both you and Malcolm lots of joy. By the way, I have that exact set of utensils (like the meat fork I mean)

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