All these people who are saying they boycot Chick-fil-a for …

Comment on Chick-fil-A Copycat Chicken Sandwiches by Robyn.

All these people who are saying they boycot Chick-fil-a for personal reasons must not be from the south! I grew up in SC and to eat all the awesome foods, you’ve got to close your eyes sometimes when your personal opinions clash with great food inventors! There’s a BBQ joint centered in Columbia who is a bit crazy but the mustard based sauce is to die for! It’s definitely an SC thing!

Anyway, we now have Chick-fil-a nearby but I want to give this recipe a whirl, thanks for posting. I love mine with extra pickles! I never worked there, but I did work for a local fast food restaurant and we mimicked their chicken sandwich, but with our own signature seasonings of course. And they were cooked in a pressure cooker but if it was late at night we would drop a fillet or two in the French fryer. It’s definitely not the same, but in a pinch it will do. Also I think the dining room attendant is a southern thug too because we had one and McDonalds did too.

Also to the people who talk about fat content… It’s only 3.5 sat fat per sandwich (not sure about this recipe though!). MUCH less than other fast food places!

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