These comments about authenticity cracked me up, out loud, at …

Comment on Chick-fil-A Copycat Chicken Sandwiches by Kristina.

These comments about authenticity cracked me up, out loud, at my computer. For crying out loud Summer, give Malcolm a break! CONDUCT YOUR BLIND TEST AND REPORT BACK!

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Chick-fil-A Copycat Chicken Sandwiches
Wait…you mean…people actually eat inside? I’ll have to try that one day.

Chick-fil-A Copycat Chicken Sandwiches
While I agree the sandwich is very good as far as fast food sandwiches go, the waffle fries are completely forgettable (nothing unique), and, I’ve never once tasted anything buttery on the bun. I’ve even peeled it open on the rare occasions I’ve added condiments, and it just looks like a whole wheat bun. I don’t even see much in the way of brown grilled or toasty marks … so now I have to go get a sandwich and see if its just me, or is my nearest franchise is scrimping on the buttered bun!? Hmm!! Also, the nuggets are superb.

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