No, it doesn’t change the fact that they have good …

Comment on Chick-fil-A Copycat Chicken Sandwiches by Vicky Lynn.

No, it doesn’t change the fact that they have good food. But it does allow us an opportunity to express our opinions with our dollars.

I work hard for my money. I choose very carefully who I give it to. I don’t want my money, no matter how indirectly, to support causes I don’t agree with. It’s not just a sandwich, waffles fries or shakes; it’s about ~my~ money and where that money ultimately ends up. There are many things to like about CFA: great food, very friendly service, clean restaurants, closing on Sundays to allow family time/worship time. But the very public stance CFA took this year was a dealbreaker for me. The Cathy family and CFA can support whatever issue they believe appropriate. But if you make your stance known, you risk backlash from those that disagree. As much as I like CFA, I don’t agree with their views on gay marriage. It’s important enough to me to stay away.

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