Blood oranges are a pretty penny even out here in …

Comment on Blueberry Clementine-Soaked Cake with Blood Orange Bitters by Rebecca @ Bring Back Delicious.

Blood oranges are a pretty penny even out here in LA. I can’t imagine what they are in Maine! Did you buy your blood orange bitter or make it?

This looks amazing. I love super moist cake. I bet it would be great with fresh Maine blueberries 🙂

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Lemon Cheesecake with Shortbread Crust and Blackberry Curd
I haven’t had the gall to try cheesecake in a regular oven because I have been so spoiled with steam injection convection ovens! If only.. but you’re right, you can do it with a hotel pan of water. Looks delicious!

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I love barbecued salmon with maple glaze or even a pork tenderloin. I love the little maple leaf candies too!

Mrs. Fields Copycat Sea Salt and Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies
These look amazing. I bet my husband would love the caramel drizzled on top.

Have you hear Bob Marleys joke about “The Mall”? 🙂

Rustic Chicken Thighs with All of the Garlic
Yup (or should I say ayuh). I’m pretty sure there’s no way this couldn’t be amazing. I like the idea of serving it in a cast iron pan.

Moving mid winter in Maine. Wow you’re adventurous. I bet that was a slush filled mudroom mess 🙂 Looking forward to seeing shots of the new kitchen!

Beer and Cheddar Dip with Bacon
Maybe because we live in a busier area, but I’ve found some great furniture deals on Craigslist. There are enough people around me that are moving, upgrading, or downsizing to provide a steady supply. My purchases have brought me to some weird areas though 🙂

I appreciate the toughness I got from growing up in Maine but lately, I appreciate not having to wiggle around under the covers to warm up the bed at night!

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