I wish I was making my own bitters. Store-bought. Yes, …

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I wish I was making my own bitters. Store-bought. Yes, those tiny, wild Maine blueberries make everything better.

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Blueberry Clementine-Soaked Cake with Blood Orange Bitters
I found mine at the grocery store, Judy. The glaze can be made from any citrus juice whisked with confectioner’s sugar. We had the bitters on the bar and I thought it would it would make this rustic cake le fancier. Use what you’ve got it my cooking motto always.

Blueberry Clementine-Soaked Cake with Blood Orange Bitters
Love that idea! Orange and chocolate is an awesome combination!

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Sometimes when you make changes to recipes, they don’t work as well.

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Awesome! I am so glad everyone likes these muffins as much as I do. They’re delicious and you can feel pretty good about eating (lots of) them!

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Hi Gwen,

I reviewed my cooking notes and even referred to the original recipe and it’s done just as I have it written in the post above. I wonder if perhaps your beef wasn’t as fatty and therefore didn’t yield as much jus? There are many variables in making a stew that could change the outcome and I always like to have a little stock or broth on hand if extra liquid is necessary. (Though here I like it with just the beer). Cooking is not an exact science, but I assure you no trickery was unemployed in getting these photos. Just practice, luck and good lighting! Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope you come back!

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Sorry everybody and thanks for the feedback. Yep, fold the blueberries in as the last step. I fixed the recipe. And no, they need no extra flour. thanks!

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Thanks Denise.

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