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Meal Hack is seen by over 100,000 viewers monthly. My team and I are here to help with whatever questions or comments you may have.

Since our inbox fills up fast, we ask that you please direct your emails to the proper contact.

Julie (Social Media Strategist)

Have any questions about the site, or want to simply engage with Julie? She always loves feedback, and is a big fan of sharing her available resources to success.

 Denise (Administrator)

Not sure who to contact? Denise can route you to the proper person. She handles daily activities and overall site organization and management.

Collin (Advertising and Marketing)

Want to Advertise with Meal Hack? Collin is the guy to get in touch with. He will send you our media kit and work with you on a custom marketing strategy.

Justin (Webmaster)

Contact Justin if you find something broken on the site, including links, images, or anything else that seems amiss.


  1. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to know if i could send some great article ideas for a guest post on your website.

    If you like the ideas i put forward, i will provide you with high-quality free content/articles. In exchange, all i expect is a back link from within the main body of the article.

    Do let me know if you like this proposal and if i can begin sending you some topic ideas.

    Best Regards

    Hassan Khan

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  2. I’ve run across some of your recipes and even after searching your site I don’t see anything about a newsletter or mailing list. Do you have one? Thanks!

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  3. I see that people can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, et al, but I see no way to subscribe to your site for people who just use email. Is this correct?

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