Well, there’s layering, and then there’s melding. This sandwich …

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Well, there’s layering, and then there’s melding. This sandwich is layering. And FREAKING DELICIOUS! Sorry, got carried away there. I love the contrast of the chicken, texture and flavor, with the slaw, t&f, and the up front zing of the plain raw onion. In short, this is definitely a keeper. 😉

What can I say? I’m HUNGRY!

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Extra-Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken with “Delta” Sauce
You can make this a couple hours ahead, deep fry until it’s golden and crispy (or at least your preference for color), then put it on a rack, in a pan, in the oven at about 300F to finish it off in a shorter time, or at 200-250 to heat, hold and finish cooking for an hour or two. It’s great if you’re having a big meal or a party and want to get some stuff done ahead of time.

Other than that, Malcolm’s right, your heat must have been too high. Also, don’t crowd the pan/fryer. That reduces the oil temp and means things take longer to cook. I really like the oven finish, myself, then I don’t have to worry about doneness, and I can fix everything else without having to keep checking the fryer.

How to Make American Cheese
Many fondue recipes have you chop the cheese and soak it in milk overnight to soften so it melts better. I’ve also seen cheese ball/spread recipes that had you chop the cheese and soak it in milk so that it would blend to a smoother texture when you made the ball/spread. Also, hitting any cheese (and this is cheese because you started with cheese) with too high a heat will cause melting issues, whether it’s grease separating out or clumping or whatever.

So, when you’re making the nacho cheese dip or mac cheese with this, maybe let it soak in milk for a while first, and don’t use too high a heat. The sliceability and meltability for cheeseburgers and grilled cheese is awesome, and these little techniques might make this all round perfect!

Thanks, Malcolm. 😉

Extra-Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken with “Delta” Sauce
Is Bojangles still around. That was the very best, Popeye’s came in second. If his recipe is as good as Popeye’s, I’m all over it.

Now if you had their recipe for Red Beans and Rice. OMG! I’ll do the hour drive each way just for those.

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