I’m definitely going to give them a try :) …

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I’m definitely going to give them a try 🙂

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Easy Enchiladas Rojas
Oh! and I’ve found that a toaster oven can do a great job at baking things when needed 🙂

Easy Enchiladas Rojas
Hi, we have the same problem. We’ve been stationed in Japan for 4 years and it’s a pain in the behind to get ingredients.
If I may make a plug, try mexgrocer.com They carry the dry chiles you will need and they do ship internationally. It’s how we’ve been satisfying our Mexican food craving.

Easy Enchiladas Rojas
Nice! I have to admit, though, that my favorite application of the ‘dipped tortilla’ method, are Entomatadas, with Enfrijoladas coming in close second. I think we had them at least once a week when I was growing up in Mexico. Enchiladas were a once in a Blue Moon occurrence.

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Oh, wow, this looks amazing 😀
It’s going on my menu list!

Mexican Street-Style Sweet Corn
Looks a bit like a Trolelote from my part of Mexico (Tamaulipas), only we use a lot more mayo when it’s eaten in a cup/bowl. Man, I miss them. I just might have to make one 😀

Shredded Turkey Pozole Rojo
Oh, and thank you so much for posting a real pozole recipe! I’ve seen some really weird concoctions in the US labelled as pozole.

Shredded Turkey Pozole Rojo
I haven’t had pozole in too long. Man, I’m starving now. 18 days until I can cook! Until then, I’ll just drool at my screen. I do tease people from time to time, telling them it’s human soup, haha. I love my people’s culinary history!

Achiote Butter-Basted Roast Turkey with Ancho Chile Gravy
Se ve delicioso!

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