This is not a mousse. Look it up in Le …

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This is not a mousse. Look it up in Le Guide Culinare by Auguste Escoffier. Or any Gaston Lenotre books.

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Maine-Style “Italian” Sandwich
Although these local sandwiches are tasty, the name is “real Italian” is misleading. The first time a ordered and ate one I thought it was a mistake and a gyp. Being from New York, Italian sandwiches are truly so much better and represent that real Italian ingrediants are used. Mortadella, salami, provolone, ham, roasted red peppers with garlic and pickled eggplant.
It seems that the bread is the contoversial vessel here on this blog. Obtaining a wonder bread type of roll out of state is like seaching for the lost ark. So maybe a hot dog roll is the way to go when needing a subsitute. These rolls while somewhat tasty, they cannot stand up to the ingrediants in which they hold. Therefore, a sturdier and better type of bread could be used with more postive results.
Kudos to Malcolm for trying to elevate a regional sandwich into something more.

Individual Chocolate Souffle Recipe
It doesn’t look like a souffle’

Homemade Bacon Jam
YUMMO. Bacon is the bomb. Try infusing it with vodka. Best Bloody Mary EVER

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