Our pantry has many, many wonderful things: brown rice, Israeli …

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Our pantry has many, many wonderful things: brown rice, Israeli and French couscous, beans, dried peppers, several cans of tomatoes, and some DeCecco pasta shapes to name but a few. But it also houses a GIANT tub of protein powder that has, quite possibly, the absolute worst label ever created. What’s worse–the damn bottle is at least a third empty when it’s supposed to be “full” so it takes up extra space in the highest shelf of our pantry.

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Slightly Sriracha’d Lamb Mini Meatballs
And by ground ginger, I mean ground/grated ginger, not the powdered stuff. 🙂

Slightly Sriracha’d Lamb Mini Meatballs
By ginger paste you mean a ground ginger, right? Or did you have something else in mind? I want these meatballs, so I want to file these away for a day I want something different.

Curried Chicken Sandwich Recipe
Don’t forget: Guy Fieri will be parroting back the ingredients as food flies out of his mouth because “THAT’S CRAZY!”

Seriously, though, I really like the thought process in this recipe, and I may have to try it albeit with chicken thighs because I loathe boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Everything else in this sandwich? I am totally on board!

Golden Eggplant Fries
There is something special about the CT shoreline, and I think it stems from the fact that we have these beaches available to us (not the most fabulous, of course, but still–a beach is a beach, especially when it’s less than ten minutes from home) but without the trappings that come with the more famous resort towns, namely that once the summer ends, it doesn’t feel like a ghost town either. It’s an odd mix of the everyday and the special that few other areas have, I think.

Nuts 4 Nuts Copycat Sugared Street Nuts
I associate the smell of Nuts4Nuts with our first weekend living in Manhattan–I had just crossed College Walk for the first of what would be countless times, and right by the subway stop there was a guy making those nuts and they smelled absolutely amazing.

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