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Finding Balance with Vitafusion Gummies (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)
Balance is a fluid concept in our world. Sometimes Nora just wants the broccoli and meat (hold the spaghetti squash, tyvm), sometimes we have French toast for dinner and sometimes she has ice cream for dinner. Life is short and there is just no such thing as perfection (except that we are perfectly imperfect 😉

Carne Adovada (New Mexican Chile-Braised Pork)
So glad you guys were able to have Tecolote’s adovada, because they closed their doors; perhaps never to reopen. We are sad, but your recipe looks like a warm, comforting successor (we just need innumerable crayon drawings of owls 😉

Lemon Meringue Jello Shots
These are so delicious and the presentation can’t be beat! Thinking a “key lime pie” version would be wonderful too…

Bacon and Egg Candies
Her snack days at school are going to be fuuuuun! 🙂 Very cute idea; would look great on a Muppet cake or in a bento box 😉

How To Make A Soft Pretzel
Made these today. Used Anne’s tip and heated the baking soda beforehand. So delish! Even my picky daughter took one right off the cooling rack(it was gone in a snap)! I ventured into sweet territory and made some incorporating nutmeg and cinnamon in the dough, brushing with melted butter, and sprinkling with cinnamon/sugar. Fabulous. Thanks!

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