I don’t like my steak less than well-done because of …

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I don’t like my steak less than well-done because of a fear of pinkness. I prefer well-done because it tastes better to me, and I don’t like to eat/drink blood, but I’m not afraid of it. I just think it is disgusting to see blood floating around my plate,and I don’t like the texture of the steak that way. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this post and will adjust the oven time to my preferred doneness and be happy. Ah, the advantage of cooking your own food without anyone judging as you make it haha. The outside of your steak looks amazing!

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Oh, if I had the money to buy a meat grinder, I would try this out. Maybe when I finally get a real job, I’ll do just that. I love how almost everything on that burger is homemade. You should try out the light brioche buns found on Smitten Kitchen. It is like the typical brioche and is perfect for hamburgers. Anyway, I love your choice of cheese. YUM!

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