This is pretty much how I cook my steaks, when …

Comment on How to Cook a Steak Perfectly Every Time by Chris.

This is pretty much how I cook my steaks, when I feel like it, with a few changes. First, I let the steak sit in the fridge outside of the package for a day or two, to age it a bit.

Also, when its in the pan, I use the same heat and everything, but instead of letting it sit, I flip it every 20 seconds. It sounds sacrilegious, I know, but I’ve found that it allows the inside to cook to a good amount without letting the crust on either side blacken too much. Also, I don’t pepper it until it’s off the pan.

I got this method from Henston Blumenthal, he has a great video about it on YouTube. It has definitely worked for me, I haven’t had anything less than a perfect steak yet.

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