I’m a REAL man. Not only do I eat my …

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I’m a REAL man. Not only do I eat my steak blue-raw, I sit naked and unbathed (for at least one week) before I sit down to eat it. And I sit on a tree stump covered with crushed glass. In the center of the tree stump is a Coke bottle from 1974, ya know, the curvy kind. It tells me if I’m sitting correctly and helps my posture. Then I eat the steak. With my hands. But only if there is sufficient dlack dunk under my finger nails. If not, I bend down and tear at it directly with my face. Oh, my dog Fluffly sits across from me and gets in an occasional bite.

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blah blah blah, so many self-indulgent mongoloids who just love to read their own comments. Has anyone actually prepared and EATEN these pancakes? SPEAK! Rest of you tools, STFU.

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