“real man” – the only men who use these two …

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“real man” – the only men who use these two words are men with micro-penises who try to overcompensate by attempting to make other men feel bad. The only thing that makes someone a “real man” is not giving a flying fuck what other people think about them, especially regarding their choice in foods or their preparation.

I swear, steak elitists are even worse than coffee elitists. Its fucking meat, stop sniffing your own farts and just enjoy the goddamn meat.

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How to Cook a Steak Perfectly Every Time
mike, you’ve come into an article several years later purely so that you can respond to every comment and insult and berate them for their choices in how they cook their food that literally has nothing to do with you. Pretty obvious that you’re just acting out from your own insecurities.

Try being less of a cunt, people may actually like you for once in your life.

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