The crust is burnt, we use a Grill and turn …

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The crust is burnt, we use a Grill and turn them to get the cross marks, when they have nice marks they go on a Pizza pan and into a convection oven, they are roasted not fried, minimal oil.
There is a Steakhouse in Waikiki that has a big charcoal grill in the middle of the dining room.
Finally touch your chin WELL DONE
Cheek RARE or buy a thermometer.
Veal chops go in a pan, and into the same oven.

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How to Cook a Steak Perfectly Every Time
They found me in Hawaii at a Major Resort, at our “Farmers Market” there are cowboys sitting on ice chests full of local beef. A fair amount for us is 500 filets, a lot is a 1000 in one night, no problem , the trick is to do the vegetarians well , so that they are happy, and you get full price from the client!!

Go work Saturday night in a place with four different animals, eight different cuts, and grilled fish options, and specials, wellingtons and we used to do selle de agnello for an antipasta. and if your tickets all say coordinate, they all have to hit the window at the same time, big table separate checks. You want the waitress to have everything else on her tray when you hand her the grilled Ahi. You may be the grill man but you have to know the saute station!!

Sorry for being a Professional, but I don’t make minimum wage. and I mix Parsley and Shallots in with my butter, its called chefs butter.

Ahi is yellowfin tuna used a lot for sashimi, it is as close to beef as fish gets.

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