Don’t use that awful processed lard – Maine Street Meats …

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Don’t use that awful processed lard – Maine Street Meats has the real stuff or render it yourself (Belfast Coop has unrendered leaf lard). Makes an enormous difference and keeps a very long time frozen.

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Spicy Mushroom & Chorizo Tacos
Terra Optima Farm Store in South Thomaston has chorizo made on the premises. A bit lean and timid but the best I’ve found around the Midcoast (not to say only) – you could bump up the seasoning.

This looks really good as do the lamb tacos – as an ex pat San Diegan I really miss this food and end up making it myself – a lot of work for a nostalgic meal, but worth it. You guys are an inspiration.

Simple Peanut Butter Buckeye Recipe
Love this post almost as much as I love buckeyes – try subbing rice crispies for the graham crackers (a Southern CA variant)

Clayton’s Cafe Famous Chicken Salad Copycat (Mock Sous Vide Method)
This is really one of the best food blogs I read. Interesting, full of good techniques (can’t wait to try this one), to say nothing of great reviews and most important, well written by both of you. Perhaps (and probably) because it’s so local (I am in Camden) for me it’s a must read. Thanks from a gushing fan.

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