Hi Malcolm, Wow! what a fantastic, thorough, informative post! Thank you …

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Hi Malcolm,
Wow! what a fantastic, thorough, informative post! Thank you for this. Question for you, so I signed up to become a publisher with FoodieBlogRoll (which you don’t even mention above) and BlogHer at the same time. . thinking I’d go with whichever one approved me first. I’m still learning here. . but yeah, hands down, I can see that BlogHer is the way to go IF they accept me. So, my question is: I already have the FoodieBlogRoll widget on my blog currently (they got back to me immediately) and if and when BlogHer goes to “review” my blog and sees that there, will they immediately disregard me? They only accept blogs with a certain # of monthly page views right? any advice/input would be greatly appreciated. again, wow, thanks so much for the wealth of information.

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How to Start a Food Blog
Hi Malcolm,
Did you click on a specific post and then see really large photos? I thought I fixed all of those. thank you so much!

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