I am a Mainer living in exile in Arizona – …

Comment on Maine-Style “Italian” Sandwich by Hilary.

I am a Mainer living in exile in Arizona – and every time I go home to visit Maine, Italians are at the top of my list of food I “have to eat” while I’m there. I have to tell you, even the hot dog buns they sell out here don’t cut it, they don’t taste right. So I’m still relegated to a once-a-year treat when I come to where the real Italians are made. 🙂

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Roasted Mangos with Domino Brown Sugar (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)
I use brown sugar in my chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls. But straight up? On oatmeal!!

Roasted Mangos with Domino Brown Sugar (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)
I love brown sugar on oatmeal, but best in chocolate chip cookies!

Greek-Style Lamb Burger Recipe
Kitchen shortcut: freezing lemons (which are in abundance this time of year in my exile in AZ). Easy to grate rind, and can thaw quickly to juice.

Reading: New England Farmgirl: Recipes and Stories From a Farmer’s Daughter (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)
I love maple syrup on sausage, but even more made into whoopie pies!

Homemade Marshmallow Fluff
This sounds wonderful! I’ll admit, we used to go one worse (better?) and add jelly to the sandwich, too. But I have the best memories of homemade fudge with Fluff and melting it into our hot cocoa after coming in from playing in the snow. So good! Thanks for sharing, really looking forward to trying the recipe!

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