Hi terry, Every time I see the Mainers slice …

Comment on Maine-Style “Italian” Sandwich by Ray.

Hi terry, Every time I see the Mainers slice the pickles & tom’s then add lettuce, I have to walk out!
I’m not saying there not good, there not Italian!
Wanna do a sub-off?

Ray Also Commented

Maine-Style “Italian” Sandwich
Hi Malcolm, my wife and I are from the South Shore of Ma.
It seems when you leave the 30 mile radius of Boston, everything Italian goes to hell.
Here in “Down East” Me. you can’t get a real Italian cold cut.
So we resort to make our own,really a rip-off of Maria’s of Scituate Harbor.
Your recipe is good,but,a Boston Sub has CHOPPED veggies and NO LETTUCE.
The ingredients can vary with each person, so, give the following a try.
Bread is important, not too soft, not too crusty.
For 1 sub.
Slice down the middle of a 6″ sub roll almost to the bottom crust.
wrap in a paper towel and warm up in the toaster oven. Caution, you got a paper towel in there.
Keep wrapped while preparing the ingredients.
Get 3 small bowls in front of you for veggies.
1 nice ripe tomato, chopped.
1/4 of a white onion, vidalia or spanish chopped.
1 med. kosha dill pickle chopped with some juice.
Put veggies into the bowls, and the pickles with juice.
2 slices of cheese,your choice of provolone,swiss, mortadella or any combo.
2 slices of salami or ham or turkey or any combo.
Open up the bread and remove some of the soft inside.
In goes cheese first, then the meat.
If you like hots, like Pastines hot crushed peppers, or any hot pepper chopped, add 1 t. or T. now.
Add a heaping T. of onions, 1 heaping T. of pickles with juice.
Top off with tomatoes, & chopped black olives.
Add more hots, O.O., & oregano, S&P.
At Maria’s, there is a sign, ” we don’t serve lettuce in our subs”
Wash down with a Black and Tan Beer.

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