Times ten. …

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Times ten.

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Queen Anne Cherry Cordial Ice Cream
What’s the sugar content of one candy? I’m curious..

Queen Anne Cherry Cordial Ice Cream
I shutter at the thought of those chocolates–which I thought were very ‘adult’ as a teenager until my next door neighbor made his own version which were eons better. Brilliant to use them in an ice cream (though, the funny thing about Ben and Jerry’s version with that ‘unfortunate’ name–Jerry Garcia, being a diabetic, could never eat the ice cream named for him).

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How to Cook a Steak Perfectly Every Time
One suggestion for a ‘poor man’s ribeye’ would be the Chuck Delmonico cut. It’s as nicely marbled, though never really as thick, and has great flavor. It’s also around $11/#, which makes it a bit more affordable and would work great in this preparation.

Deviled Eggs, Three Ways
This website needs a ‘like’ button and delivery service. Those look fantastic. Some of the best deviled eggs I’ve had were @ Pai Men Miyake and they were topped with Maitake mushrooms.

Poutine Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Well done.

Taquitos de Lengua with Salsa Roja
Did you dry heave just a wee bit?

Taquitos de Lengua with Salsa Roja
Yea…. I’m still emotionally scarred from cooking cows tongue a couple of years ago. I have to say, those tacos look like they were more than worth the effort.

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