Isn’t that what xanthum gum is for? I thought …

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Isn’t that what xanthum gum is for? I thought that was to hold things together…but I don’t cook gluten free (yet) so I’m not sure.

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Crispy Orange Beef Recipe
I don’t know that I have seen top blade steaks before…would they be under a different name?

Curried Sausage Buns
P.S.: I see you have something that looks like a dip next to your rolls. What is in it?

Curried Sausage Buns
I make an appetizer that I call curried beef turnovers that sounds vaguely familiar. I don’t use breadcrumbs, catsup or mustard but instead add finely chopped waterchestnuts, garlic and onions that I cook first with the curry. I then make a dough similar to an empanada and fill in with the cooked mixture, brushed with an egg wash, sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked until the crust is done. It is very yummy and easy to make sure you have enough spices in before the final cooking. I am intrigued by your recipe and can’t wait to try it and see how it compares. Yours definitely looks delicious in that puff pastry!

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