Incidentally, we went with 10 hours for roasts between 9-10 …

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Incidentally, we went with 10 hours for roasts between 9-10 lbs, and it was perfect.

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Super Crispy-Skinned Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder
So which did you do? I’m done with the smoke, personally. 🙂

Super Crispy-Skinned Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder
Malcolm, I feel compelled to comment one more time. I made 2 of these for a gathering of 30 or so last weekend. People were freaking out about how great it was. We have lots of get togethers, and this was hands-down the crowd-pleasing winner, over beef tenderloins, rib toasts, you name it. Thank you, once again! We’re heading northeast for our annual New England trekk here in a week or so, and will also be following your advice on good eats. Cheers!

Super Crispy-Skinned Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder
Made this yesterday for the 4th…easily the simplest, yet most delicious things we’ve ever had for a “picnic.” I bought a 10 +lb picnic roast at Wal-mart, for less than $10. No joke. (that’s the only store that I’ve ever seen that cut). I bought one before for carnitas, and had no clue what i was getting into- trying to break it down and get through the skin was difficult. This recipe is the solution for that! I did leave it in the oven for 9 hours, and to be honest, another hour or 2 wouldn’t have hurt since it was so big. It was still out of this world. We made some chimichurri, and I also had some pickled onions and jalapeños from a mop sauce from the week prior…the acid of both were perfect with the pork, which obviously is super rich.
This is definitely going into the favorites file for big gatherings. We fed 6 people last night, and I think we have enough leftover for 20 more. Not complaining one bit, though. 😉

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Malcolm…I know that I shouldn’t be questioning your recipe, considering the brilliance that is your slow roasted crispy-skinned pork roast is now legendary at our parties…but is that time/temp long enough to render the pork belly super tender? I always am thinking low and slow…

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Perfect timing for this one- we were in the Lakes Region in NH last week, and made a day trip to ME on Friday. As good as lobster rolls are in ME, I was waiting for that GREAT one. I never really understood the lettuce thing…and the traditional hot dog bun, although made better by being toasted with butter, never really wowed me. The lobster always kept me coming back, though.
After reading this, and considering the geography of our day trip, to The Clam Shack, we went. We went for it- ordered both butter and mayo, and it was in one word, perfection. Traditional or not, it blew us away. The delicious hamburger roll (Portuguese, maybe?) the cure for the mediocre hot dog bun…none of that distracting iceberg lettuce…and the lobster was cooked better than any I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine finding one that tastes better. On our drive home we were already wishing we had another. (Incidentally, the whole belly clams were also the best we’ve tried. And we’ve tried a LOT of clams in New England!) Thank you for pointing us in the direction of The Clam Shack. 🙂

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