Okay, so one of my bartenders and I saw this …

Comment on The “Blazin’ Wing Challenge” at Buffalo Wild Wings: A Photostory by Janell.

Okay, so one of my bartenders and I saw this sight and we just had a BWW open in our town. We decided that we are from Louisiana so how hot could they possibly be….we were in for a surprise. First the manager looked at us bc were two 100lb girls, 2nd they did not make us sign any waiver, 3rd the girl next to me gave me the tray with the biggest wings and before we start they tell you that you have 6 minutes to finish, no napkins, can’t touch your face, can’t have anything to drink, and you have to finish in 3 minutes in order to get the shirt. The shirt is the only thing I wanted so I said,”wings are already here, lets do this!” My friend looked at me like I was crazy…..the wings were shakin in blazin sauce and more sauce was slathered all over the wings. After minute 3 was over I was so mad…but I kept eating. Finally the count down 5….4…3…2…1…time. I finished every single wing but hadn’t swallowed the last bite. The manager looked at me and said,”nice try but you don’t get your picture on the wall.” I replied with,” I never wanted my picture on the wall with a red face and sauce smeared all over my head! I just wanted a shirt but you changed the rules from 6min to 3 min for the shirt, so YOU ARE GONNA GIVE ME A SHIRT!!!!!” Guess what….I got my shirt! Hahaha! If anyone tries this I highly reccommend to be hungry, don’t think about how hot the wings are, and don’t stop eating….period!

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