I’m with Bona, I have never ever heard of Capsaicin …

Comment on The “Blazin’ Wing Challenge” at Buffalo Wild Wings: A Photostory by Sen Guyfawkes.

I’m with Bona, I have never ever heard of Capsaicin causing chemical burns, even in allergic reactions. That said, I do believe you were using sarcasm. =P

Though, I do doubt I’d have a problem with this. We don’t have a Buffalo Wild Wings around here (I really wish we did), but 300,000 SHU is nothing for someone who eats with crushed Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper (2,000,000 SHU). I got over eating Habaneros a lot time ago. Before I stepped up to the Scorpion, I used a Bhut Jolokia and Habanero mix, and I can munch that stuff straight from the jar now.

Only a little bragging. 😉

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