Oh yes, this cornbread is good, very good. I’ll …

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Oh yes, this cornbread is good, very good. I’ll be making it again – soon. I was nervous about 2 tablespoons of baking powder being a typo, but clearly it’s not. Ab-fab.

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Turkey Chili with Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
Evidently it goes equally well crumbled (ok, chunked) into black bean soup.

Turkey Chili with Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that the boxed Wick Fowler’s chili kit is my go-to.

We had it (made with ground beef) once a week or so when I was young, over broad egg-noodles. My mom’s cooking was unremarkable and I only remember a few things being in rotation, but the definition of chili to me will always be that kit, for better or worse. I love chili of all kinds (and have since converted to ground turkey), but when I see the word, I recall one distinct aroma – and then I reflexively squint a little from the memory of the ever-so-slightly flickering fluorescent lighting in that kitchen. This recipe inspires me, though, like many of the recipes you guys post… perhaps it’s time I branch out a bit.

The cornbread sounds kickass, too! I have a few jalapenos in the garden that I need to pick and use, and all the other fixins are ready to go… hmmm, Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread for dinner? Yes, yes, that sounds good.

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Becky, in hindsight, do you wish you included the fat after all?

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I’m sold, 110{3d9e2dd3ff4a6ad7c579f6992fba32c39af0ae46cb1a0bfdb9adec03cc9df88f}. And, Dutch Crunch? What I’d do for that in Portland… oh wait, a new joint on Preble Street is opening soon that’ll be making it daily, woot! Full recipe replication at home!

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Simple and sexy. On my to-do list for this week. Thanks!

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Gah! How have I not yet made these in the two weeks since you posted this?

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Also, I’m doubling the sauce next time, and then bathing in it. So simple, yet so good!

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